As large scale earthmoving contractors, the construction of dams and basins is another of Newearth Constructions’ areas of significant expertise.  Over the last nine decades, we have constructed innumerable dams and basins for local farmers as well as key water courses for Melbourne Water and local government authorities.

From large water storage facilities to retarding and detention basins down to detailed, level critical, “low flow” and filtration systems, Newearth Constructions has the resources, experience and expertise to deliver results.

Our experience extends to sourcing the most appropriate materials from the region (of which we are intimately familiar) to ensure the stability and longevity of dam construction.  Our experience in this type of work is unrivalled in the region and stems from our long association and support of landowners in the area.

Newearth Constructions’ management and project teams also have a deep appreciation of the environmental implications of working in and around water courses and are trained in the use of appropriate harm prevention techniques as well as in the preparation and implementation of effective environmental management strategies.  This knowledge is greatly appreciated by our clients who demand a high level of environmental awareness.

Dams and basins